What is the MIND Study?

The MIND Trial to Prevent Alzheimer's is a 3 year research study that compares two weight loss diets and their effects on brain health and cognition decline. It uses lifestyle and behavioral changes to help you lose weight and live healthier. 

  • Between the ages of 65-84
  • Have a family history of Dementia or Alzheimer's
  • Overweight or obese and in good physical health (BMI over 25)
  • Looking to improve your diet
  • Committed to participated in a 3 year study
What is involved?

Office visits and phone calls for dietary and weight loss counseling, and measurements

How our participants benefit
  • Preserve memory as you age
  • Weight loss
  • Instruction and monitoring of practical weight loss patterns
  • Group and individual sessions with state of the art behavioral counseling and motivational support
  • Up to $350 will be provided for completing the study